Eurydactylodes agricolae

Some people have the power to take their passions to the highest levels.  But what are the highest levels for a gecko lover ? Some might say breeding  special species, others will consider working in a conservation program and some will create books about these wonderful animals.

Edgar Wefer is one such man that falls in the later category. I discovered Edgar’s work from an interview he gave to the geckotime site: “Gecko Time Interviews Geckos of the World Photographer”  . There he was speaking about he’s latest book called : Geckos of the World.  I was very impressed by his words so I decided to contact him and kindly ask him to share with us a photography he likes.

He was very nice and sent this lovely photography with an Eurydactylodes agricolae saying that it’s one of his favourite species because it reminds him of dinosaurs and I have to agree with him, the aspect of it’s scaly skin makes you think of it’s larger cousins.

You can check out his book Geckos of the World . I found it amazing and the time and effort he spent taking all those photography means a lot.


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