Phyllodactylus reissii

When it comes about photography, reptiles and conservation one of my favourite sites is without a doubt Tropical Herping . They really know how to present the beauty of Ecuadors amphibians and reptiles.

“Tropical Herping (TH) is a initiative striving to discover, document and preserve tropical reptiles and amphibians through sustainable tourism, scientific research and effective environmental education.” All I can say to this is:  awesome !

A few weeks ago I contacted them in order to ask if they wanna’ participate to this blog. Alejandro answered back and sent me this great photo of a Phyllodactylus reissii . As you might know by now I kindly ask each contributor to write something about their chosen photography. Alejandro told us :

“I found it interesting to photograph because it remains pretty much unknown despite being common in western Ecuador. Very few is known about its ecology, taxonomy and relationships to other species. It also makes a great model for ecological studies, as it is restricted to dry forests, it is locally abundant, and because it is a very adaptable species. The species is therefore not endangered.”

This is so true, a lot of times species that are so close to us or are pretty abundant remain unknown until they start to disappear and than we start a race to try and save them.

Thank you Alejandro and Tropical Herping .

If any of you are going to Ecuador try and contact these guys , because they are organising great herping tours.


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