Uroplatus fimbriatus

As I promised I’m back with another photo and more infos about Madagascar and it’s geckos. I have prepared a short interview with Bjorn Olesen, which you know from my previous post. I divided the interview in 3 sections: Madagascar Island, Geckos and Conservation

Madagascar Island

How come you choose Madagascar as a destination ?
Is it expensive to travel there? what about living ?
Can you name a region you liked most and can you tell us why ?


“To most conservationists Madagascar is a treasure island. The map says Madagascar is part of Africa, but don’t believe it!  The reason why I decided to go to Madagascar is that it is one of the hottest biodiversity hotspots in the world.  According to Conservation International 95.6% of all reptiles are endemic, and 99.6% of all amphibians can only be found on Madagascar and nowhere else on this planet!

Madagascar is not a cheap travel destination, but if you shop around, good deals can be found, especially now when not so many tourists go there.  Once you are there it is actually not an expensive place.

The eastern part of Madagascar is probably the most interesting area, as a lot of the original forests are still preserved in the montane districts.  The biodiversity is also the greatest, as this region has not suffered the same environmental degradation as has happened in many other places on the island. ”

I will be back in the next weeks with more q&a. Meanwhile enjoy this lovely photo Bjorn made, and for more wildlife photos you can check his site: Bjorn Olesen – Wildlife Photography .


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