Uroplatus sikorae

Here is the second part from the mini-interview with the wildlife photographer Bjorn Olesen:


What do you think about geckos ? Are they easy subjects for a photographer ?
Do you have any favourite species from Madagascar ?


“As many geckos are nocturnal they are not an obvious or easy target for photographers, however in Madagascar there are several groups of geckos that have independently returned to diurnal habits, and two of these groups are quite common and prominent.

The Uroplatus geckos are probably my favourites as their camouflage is hard to beat.”

You can see in the last two photos why the geckos from the Uroplatus genus are Bjorn’s favourite. They really look amazing!

I will return with the last part of the interview that’s about conservation.

Thanks Bjorn for providing this excelent shot. Bjorn Olesen – Wildlife Photography


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