Uroplatus phantasticus

I saved the best part for the finish. Since conservation is such a hot topic now and because Bjorn is so actively involved, I wanted to see how he perceives it.

3. Conservation

How did you start considering to help conservation NGO’s with your wildlife photography ?

Do you think only a few people (biologists/veterinarians)  can participate/help in conservation projects ?

Were you somehow involved in any successful conservation project ?


“ I think we can all make a difference in conservation if we get engaged.  I have now for more than 4 years donated images to not profit conservation organizations, incl. WWF, Traffic, National Geographic News etc etc, who often do not have the means to get high quality wildlife photos, and we all know how big a difference it is when we have a top quality images.

In Singapore, where I am a permanent resident, one of the most recent conservation successes has been the return of the Oriental Pied Hornbill, which was not present here 20 years ago.  A good combination of co-operation between NParks, looking after conservation and all green areas in Singapore, and conservation NGOs has resulted in the fact that the Oriental Pied Hornbill is now back in full force with more than 60 pairs now here, partly due to a large No. of nesting boxes installed by NParks.  A book about this Hornbill project will be published later this year, and I have had the pleasure to assist with some of the photos for this publication. “

I posted another Uroplatus spp. photo kindly donated by Bjorn, since I find it amazing!

You can see there are no photos with geckos from the Phelsuma genus, which is endemic to Madagascar (with some exceptions), because I want to make a special theme with them.

If you haven’t seen Bjorn’s site, I invite you there to see some award-winning photos and to read some great articles about his journeys around the world: Bjorn Olesen – Wildlife Photography .


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