Lygodactylus luteopicturatus

11 mark infield gecko JPG

When it comes to conservation on a global scale there are not so many players that can be proud of so many achievements as Fauna & Flora International can. As with any other organisation the success comes from the people behind it.

In my case I’ll stop at Mr. Mark Infield – zoologist. Last year he wrote a beautiful article about geckos and conservation, a 5 min. read that I invite you all to do:

All geckos great and small

After reading it I sent Mark an e-mail asking if he want’s to share a photo of gecko and a short story  with us. We has very kind and sent this great photo of a pair of dwarf yellow headed geckos. He mentioned in the e-mail:

” I am neither a gecko expert or a photographer but as I said in my blog, since leaving the cold climes of England for the tropics, geckos have been part of my daily life. They were not a subject of research or part of my work, they were part of the homes and offices I occupied. Now that I am back in England again, I miss their chirping and clicking and mechanical scurrying across walls and ceilings.”

This is the power of the geckos !

you can read more about Mark on his Fauna & Flora International page : Mark Infield  

and don’t miss his latest article about what we really need to get involved  : Is love really all we need ?


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